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About Tosho Café

We are located on the first floor of the Yamanashi Prefectural Library. Tosho Café is furnished with wooden tables, made from various types of wood, and designed by a local carpenter based in the Hokuto area. At the entrance of our cafe you will find a selection of mushroom products which are available for purchase. Our menu contains dishes that use a variety of mushroom products grown on our farm, along with a delicious assortment of desserts. Tea and coffee (brewed form natural Hakusyu farm spring water) is available, as are assorted soft drink beverages.

When you order food and drinks from our menu, you can read and learn about the different types of mushrooms you are eating. You may access these books from the book section corner of our cafe. Large, comfortable, single sofas, situated at the back of the cafe, allow for privacy and quiet contemplation. We would like our cafe to be your personal comfort place. Please come visit us.


〒400-0024 山梨県甲府市北口2丁目8-1 
【定休日】毎週 月曜日


JR中央本線 甲府駅 北口から徒歩3分3
minutes walk from the north exit of Kofu Station on the JR Chuo-Line.